Re: If It Works For Drugs, Why Not Words?

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Good point, but when you're talking about Norman and Ernest you're not
really talking about Norman and Ernest--you're talking about their
publishers--usu. corporations--without whom they wouldn't have become so popular.
If the money were going directly and soley into their pockets, it would be
another matter.

So in essence we're talking about the same thing: corporate greed.

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jonathan aubrey wrote:
>I Dunno,
> Personally, I'm sick of people talking about
>individual authors when criticizing copyright law.
>It's a diversion as far as I'm concerned. Why
>shouldn't so-and-so's estate make a few bucks off of
>his writings if they're still so danged popular 70
>years later? The real culprits here are the corporate
>copyrighters who want to hold onto the rights, and the
>dough that comes with them, for as long as possible,
>perhaps indefinitely if they could. I say, leave
>Norman Mailer alone and concentrate on stickin' it to
>da man - Microsoft, Disney, take your pick.
> "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised*,"
> Jon A.
>*Gil Scott Heron, 1974.
>--- Chris McNevins <> wrote:
>> Here's an article by John M. Moran which appeared
>> on October 17, 2002 that has an intriguing take on
>> copyright:
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