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Sorry, I didn't mean to send this to the entire group.

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Hi Carlton. If you can, please give it a look. While I did give it an
excellent review, and the topic is important, my only concern is the
occasional less than notable technical qualities. In my review, I believe I
indicated that these could be readily overlooked in light of the content.

I had toyed with the idea of nominating the title. I hope you had a chance
to watch it. I'd really like your opinion regarding the notable part.

Thanks. Talk with you soon.


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Hey Rue:

Missed you NMM. Hopefully we found some "notable" stuff. Let me check my
and see what I can recommend myself.

On another note: I've been reading the buzz on "Going to School" and saw
blurb. The topic is very notable: what do you think? (And if this is already
the list, my apologies.) I've got folks here already asking about it, and
only appearing on California public television tonight.


"Herbert, Rue" wrote:

> Hello everyone. The deadline (October 31st) is fast-approaching for
> submission of suggestions for videos to be considered for the ALA VRT
> Notable Videos for Adults annual list. The Committee is previewing a
> variety of promising titles, but there is always room for more. We will
> selecting from videos released during 2002, as well as 2001, during the
> Notables process at ALA Midwinter. The specific requirements and
> for the Notable Videos for Adults Selection Process are available through
> the Round Table's web page at
> submit your suggestions on the online form (or printable form) available
> this site.
> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
> Thanks!
> Rue
> Rue Herbert, Chair
> ALA VRT Notable Videos for Adults Committee
> Library Media Center
> University of South Florida, Tampa

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