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Davis Grubb - Abandoned by a Reading Public

Professor Thomas Douglass of East Carolina University, located in
Greenville, NC is writing a new biography of WV author Davis Grubb. He
wrote an introduction for a reprint of Grubb's novel, "Fools
Parade." In the introduction he states that Grubb died in NYC after
living a lonely life in his Clarksburg hotel room, without friends.
When I read this I was startled because I knew that Merle Moore and the
deceased poet Michael Pauley both spent a great deal of time caring for
the aging master. Moore published a book by Grubb shortly before he
died; he also taught at UC; and did a cable TV series for WVLC Video
Services. Michael Pauley, Pat Love, and other WV poets also often met
with Grubb. Douglass has
responded to my concerns about this great inaccuracy, stating that he
would correct it in his biography. He said that Grubb was "abandoned by
a reading public." This is accurate as far as I know. However, since I
came to WV in fall 1978 I have been very busy showing 16 mm prints of
"Night of the Hunter" and "Fools Parade," recently showing the restored
35 mm print of "Hunter" at the Sutton Film Fest. I screened "Hunter" for

Rachel Worby, requesting that it be made the "official state film." I
have been interviewed by the Pittsburgh press about Grubb. I always
thought that Moore and Pauley were the best friends any author could
have. Douglass recently
was a presenter at the Second WV Book Festival and will be one at the
first Ohio River Festival of Books. He grew up in WV and has been a
frequent writer on Breece Pancake and other WV authors including Jayne
Anne Phillips and Denise Giardina. He teaches courses on recent British
and American Writers, The Short Story, Major American Writers,
Interpreting Literature and Composition.

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