Security 'donuts"

Deg Farrelly (
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:00:45 -0700 (PDT)

The last we heard from 3M, 3M had discontinued producing the "donut"
security tags because there were too many problems with them, and
insufficient market to continue development.

Has anyone purchased these from 3M recently?

We turned our attention instead to a competitor's product, which now is also stalled in production
because there does not appear to be sufficient interest to develop a
production run.

Perhaps if more people expressed in interest in the donuts....

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Tripp Reade wrote:

<< it's seven months since you sent the message I've included below. Has
opinion the 3M H1 hub markers changed in any way since that time? For that
matter, do others on the list have experience with these hub markers, good
bad? Do the DCD-2 strips still seem better, even though they can't be used
double-sided DVDs?>>

Anne Bulin replied:

<<This is not true, but rather something 3M tells you to get you to buy a
gate. Our rep told us the same thing. I picked up a couple of the "donuts"
at a trade show and tried them with our 15 year-old 3M gate. Worked every
time. When I told this to my rep she admitted that they probably *would*
work with older gates but that 3M wouldn't support that. (whatever that
means). So, it's worth getting a sample and trying them with your gate.


They sold them to us, especially after the above incident. We only use the
donuts on double sided DVDs, the rest we use the overlay type.>>