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Jane Sloan (
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 10:17:47 -0700 (PDT)

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Hi --
*see below
good luck,

Catherine Von Elm wrote:

> Hello,
> A few years ago the library at the University of Pennsylvania inherited a collection of videos from the campus's A/V and
> classroom support operation. Now we're trying to catch up on a number of issues, and I was wondering if I could tap
> into this list's experience and expertise. If there's a searchable archive for this list, please let me know. If not,
> I'm much obliged for any information you can provide on the following:
> 1) Is there such a thing as a core collection for academic libraries (that support an undergrad degree in Film Studies)? If so,
> any estimate on the average number of titles?
> 2) Does your institution have one central video collection, or are there multiple collections at multiple libraries?

*one central

> 3) Do you circulate the collection? If so, is there a separate video circ service desk?

*yes, only to faculty and graduate students

> 4) What are your loan periods for videos? Are they "bookable" through your OPAC for instructors who want to use them in class
> on a specific day? How do you deal with that?

*3-day loans. We use sirsi booking module to book for pickup and charge.

> 5) Is your video collection open stacks? If so, how do you deal with security?
> *no

> 6) If your collection is closed to the public, is it browsable? If so, what's your method for making it browsable?

*no, this is a problem. I've tried to develop some lists, but don't have the staff to keep up. I'm attempting to develop with
our systems dept a database I can use to create lists more easily.

> 7) Does your institution do its own original and copy-cataloging and processing? If not, who is your vendor?

*all acquisitions, cataloging, processing is done centrally. This was a big change for media, but the system is now fully engaged
and we get good service

> 8) What classification/filing system do you use? LC? Accession? Other?


> 9) Who is your supplier for CD/DVD cases?
> 10) What's the scope of your repair efforts for tapes and CD/DVDs? What equipment do you use?

*we have RTI disc and tape cheks

> Thanks in advance for any/all info,
> Cathy Von Elm
> Head of Circulation, Current Periodicals and Microtext
> Van Pelt Library
> 215-898-7557

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