Adopting a video collection

Catherine Von Elm (
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 08:55:51 -0700 (PDT)


A few years ago the library at the University of Pennsylvania inherited a collection of videos from the campus's A/V and
classroom support operation. Now we're trying to catch up on a number of issues, and I was wondering if I could tap
into this list's experience and expertise. If there's a searchable archive for this list, please let me know. If not,
I'm much obliged for any information you can provide on the following:

1) Is there such a thing as a core collection for academic libraries (that support an undergrad degree in Film Studies)? If
so, any estimate on the average number of titles?

2) Does your institution have one central video collection, or are there multiple collections at multiple libraries?

3) Do you circulate the collection? If so, is there a separate video circ service desk?

4) What are your loan periods for videos? Are they "bookable" through your OPAC for instructors who want to use them in class
on a specific day? How do you deal with that?

5) Is your video collection open stacks? If so, how do you deal with security?

6) If your collection is closed to the public, is it browsable? If so, what's your method for making it browsable?

7) Does your institution do its own original and copy-cataloging and processing? If not, who is your vendor?

8) What classification/filing system do you use? LC? Accession? Other?

9) Who is your supplier for CD/DVD cases?

10) What's the scope of your repair efforts for tapes and CD/DVDs? What equipment do you use?

Thanks in advance for any/all info,

Cathy Von Elm
Head of Circulation, Current Periodicals and Microtext
Van Pelt Library