AV equipment

Tatar, Becky (bltata@aurora.lib.il.us)
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 11:50:28 -0700 (PDT)

I need to put in some orders for a new tv, vcr, dvd, and cd/ct player -
lucky me! However, it is for our department so that we can check problems
reported on the av titles returned to the library - picture snowy, etc.,
sound skips, whatever. I'll probably get as many variations on the theme as
answers, but here goes. What is everyone doing as far as buying for
multiple formats? When I looked at DVD players, they seemed to be programed
to play everything out there. I can hardly find cd/ct players. I would
rather not get combination sets for the dvd, vcr and tv, since if one breaks
down, they are all out of commission. Up until this last year, we had a tv
and a vcr hookup, but the vcr started eating tapes. Our tv is so old, that
it only has 1 hookup for a peripheral (if I'm getting it right.) Thanks in

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