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Mon, 7 Oct 2002 10:09:14 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject: The Film Movement

I was just made aware of a company (http://www.thefilmmovement.com/)
that makes independent award-winning films available via a 12 mo.
subscription plan. I checked the site and it looks almost too good to be
(I'm probably coming late to this information and everyone else has
already known about it for months!)
I plan to subscribe (as soon as I have $$ again in 2003)
One question! According to the individual who told me about this
service, the videos they send will also have public performance rights.
Does anyone on the list have any experience with this company and
whether the public performance rights claim are for real? If so, it
could allow
many small & medium-sized public libraries a unique opportunity to not
only provide independent films to their patrons, but also to do some
alternative film programming - something that's sadly lacking in many
Our city has a pop. of app. 20,000 and our local cable service doesn't
even provide the Independent Film Channel. We're lucky that we're fairly
close to a major city, (still an 80 mile drive) but for many communities
mainstream entertainment is as good as it gets.
I'd appreciate any feedback on this company and I'll keep my fingers
crossed that it's for real.
Mary Gontarek
Owatonna Public Library
Owatonna, MN