RE: VHS shifting to DVD collections

Bergman, Barbara J. (
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 08:07:35 -0700 (PDT)

I think a major part of the decision regarding VHS vs DVD is dependent
upon your patrons' needs. From an academic perspective, I considered--
Do they have access to DVD players?
Do they need the better quality image or are they just viewing for
content? Are they showing entire films or just clips?

The professors teaching film classes wanted the digital quality (and
widescreen image), but the rest didn't care.
Since there was only one DVD projection system available to faculty, it
didn't make sense to buy any DVDs other than the titles needed for film
But the classrooms received an upgrade this summer and all include DVD
players as well as VCRs. So, I'm planning to buy a higher percentage of
DVDs since it is now just as easy for them to use either format, but I'm
really only looking at feature films not educational titles.

This thinking, of course, only applies only if there is a DVD version.
Many titles do not and likely never will be released in both formats.

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