Re: VHS shifting to DVD collections

Pat Shufeldt (
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 20:27:50 -0700 (PDT)

We're going as heavily toward DVD as we can right now. The focus of AV
collection building for our new Main Library, which opens this week, has been
DVD's. For the time being we still have to purchase in both formats for popular
titles when we can; but DVD's are our highest circulating materials. We started
purchasing DVD's in July 1999; have many discs which have circulated 70-80 times
and are still in good condition. We now have 2400 titles on DVD, compared with
15,000 VHS titles.

We have a very liberal circulation period of two weeks, but also have a limit of
two DVD's per library card due to demand. The limit tends to get DVD's returned
more quickly, especially if the patron has a lot of DVD titles on request.

Feature films, including sizeable foreign language film collections, are far
more popular than nonfiction in both DVD and VHS formats. We're just beginning
to build up the nonfiction DVD collection and will be interested to see what the
circulation patterns are for these films. Unfortunately, many of the
documentary films which we would like to purchase on DVD are not available in
that format at this time.

Pat Shufeldt
Greenville (SC) County Library System

"Tatar, Becky" wrote:

> Right now, the majority of our budget at the main library is for vhs. I am
> purchasing dvds, but they don't automatically duplicate the vhs collection.
> The policy mirrors the vhs, collection however, - the focus of the dvd
> collection will be nonfiction. Right now we have about 200 - 300 titles.
> It is a very slow moving collection. They are not flying off our shelves.
> I don't know what the branches are experiencing. As far as theft - we are
> putting all our dvds in security cases that we purchased from Alpha
> Security. They take up twice the room, but someone will have to take a
> hammer and chisle to these cases to break them open. Everything I read says
> that in the next few years, vhs will experience the same thing that records
> did - the distributors will refuse to take returns from the stores. Also,
> next year, Barnes and Noble is going strictly dvd. We recently had a new
> B&N open in our area, and I asked about the vhs collection - I thought that
> with a new store, they would go strictly dvd - clerk said next year they
> will.
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