Re: media copyright question

Gilles Poitras (
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 09:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

At 12:22 PM -0700 10/4/02, Gary Handman wrote:

>Here in sunny autumnal Berkeley, we get on average 2 to 5 requests a
>semester for use of MRC materials in contexts outside of the face-to-face
>teaching: ...

At the same time Berkeley has an active anime club (I've been attending
meetings for 14 years) that has great relationships with many companies.

On more than occasion they have even shown titles that were not yet
released thanks to the company Fed Ex-ing them a copy to a trusted club
member to be returned the next day. In these case I have witnessed the
video carried by the person to the player and picked up as soon as the
showing was over.

Rhonda the persons involved should not hesitate to ask for permission and
then build their program around the titles they can get permission for,
plus publicise which companies were the cooperative ones. In my experience
some companies may even send extras such as posters catalogs etc. I once
did a public presentation where I had over 300 videos and other items sent
to me by the companies to give away as I wished.

Gilles Poitras
Learning Studio, Exploratorium Museum