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Kelly Bryant (
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 15:44:18 -0700 (PDT)

We have a collection of mostly VHS materials, but are purchasing DVDs, too. I have been purchasing DVD programming which has been popular in the VHS format. My patrons don't all have DVD players, so I thought this would help those folks who have the players get the best programming. I think we will continue to add to our existing collection with DVDs with the same titles as our VHS titles, that way I am not purchasing something that isn't a 'known' quality' and it isn't leaving our VHS patrons out in the cold.


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>>> 10/04/02 03:36PM >>>
Sorry if I missed any recent discussion on this...
What is the latest word on changing from
Are people buying in two formats, switching
completely, what?
We have a 9,000 item mixed feature/non-feature
VHS browsing collection
which I'd like to maintain, since it has high
visibility and gets lots of circulation.
We also have a small-so-far closed DVD collection.
I'm getting some pressure to start buying everything
that is available in DVD, in that format.
I fear we'll lose the DVDs if we put them on the shelves,
even if they're in heavy duty lock boxes.
I'm also concerned about their fragility, and
their often higher price.
Any thoughts?

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