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Fri, 4 Oct 2002 12:57:05 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, Rhonda.

While like many others we always give a firm "no" to requests for use outside of the classroom, I don't like to turn anyone away without first informing them that if they have a budget and want to spend the money, we will help them secure the rights to use our materials. Sometimes this involves going through licensing agents to purchase a one-time showing, or identifying distributors who sell materials with public performance rights. I see this as part of our role to ensure that the materials are used legally, and it's a great opportunity to educate faculty on responsible use of copyrighted material. They also see us as more service-oriented if we're willing to explore other options with them.

We had a situation last semester with our Radio, Television & Film Department (I know, who should know copyright law better than they?). Because an instructor had been checking out the material, we did not question the purpose. I later found that they were widely publicizing a film series, featuring our material, through campus publications and local newspapers. A meeting with their Dean quickly put a stop to the series. As an alternative, we were able to work with them to receive a grant from our city Arts Council and another organization on campus that sponsors fine arts programming. We got enough money to screen ten titles this semester and are planning another series for next semester. It takes a lot of time and work, but we feel good about the cooperative environment we've created.

Good luck!


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>>> 10/04/02 12:51PM >>>
I sent this message the other day, but never actually
received it myself, and didn't see any responses, so i
was wondering if 1) either it went out and nobody
answered because it was a stupid question, or 2)I'm
just not receiving messages from the listserve which
happens occasionally....
So, pardon me if this is redundant, but i would like
to try again....Rhonda

Hi everyone -
I'm sure everyone is totally bored by simple copyright
questions, and i'm sure i should know this but i'm not
sure exactly how to answer -
a faculty member in the foreign language dept. wants
to have a international film festival showing some of
our library videos. they want to know if this is

i understand that this is no longer a "face-to-face"
teaching experience visa "Fair Use";
the film festival would not be open to the
public--they mostly want to open it to the modern
language classes, but are possibly thinking about
making open to others on campus also;
No charge for attending.
and, last but not least, realize that if they get 100
people, it would be amazing -we are a small campus.

so, whattya think -would i have to get permission from
copyright holders?

Rhonda Rosen
Loyola Marymount University

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