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Gary Handman (
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 12:22:16 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all...

Here in sunny autumnal Berkeley, we get on average 2 to 5 requests a
semester for use of MRC materials in contexts outside of the face-to-face
teaching: conferences on campus, student group events, film festivals, name it. The bottom line: we just say no...which, of
course, gives us the reputation of being intractable hard-asses. It also
saves us a) costly litigation b) ethical dilemmas c) administrative
headaches (not to mention wear and tear on the goods. We have WRITTEN
POLICY that clearly specifies the valid uses of MRC materials--i.e. use in
connection with regularly-scheduled classes on the Berkeley
campus. Period. While we do make occasional exceptions for
quasi-curricular events such as symposia and academic conferences (so sue
me, Jessica), we never say yes to student groups, festivals, or (even
tenured) professors who have the idea of throwing a mini-festival for the
student body at large. In the latter cases, we bend over backward to help
the faculty (or student group) find a 16mm copy with rights...

At 10:51 AM 10/4/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I sent this message the other day, but never actually
>received it myself, and didn't see any responses, so i
>was wondering if 1) either it went out and nobody
>answered because it was a stupid question, or 2)I'm
>just not receiving messages from the listserve which
>happens occasionally....
>So, pardon me if this is redundant, but i would like
>to try again....Rhonda
>Hi everyone -
>I'm sure everyone is totally bored by simple copyright
>questions, and i'm sure i should know this but i'm not
>sure exactly how to answer -
>a faculty member in the foreign language dept. wants
>to have a international film festival showing some of
>our library videos. they want to know if this is
>i understand that this is no longer a "face-to-face"
>teaching experience visa "Fair Use";
>the film festival would not be open to the
>public--they mostly want to open it to the modern
>language classes, but are possibly thinking about
>making open to others on campus also;
>No charge for attending.
>and, last but not least, realize that if they get 100
>people, it would be amazing -we are a small campus.
>so, whattya think -would i have to get permission from
>copyright holders?
>Rhonda Rosen
>Loyola Marymount University
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Gary Handman
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