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Rhonda Rosen (
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:51:40 -0700 (PDT)

I sent this message the other day, but never actually
received it myself, and didn't see any responses, so i
was wondering if 1) either it went out and nobody
answered because it was a stupid question, or 2)I'm
just not receiving messages from the listserve which
happens occasionally....
So, pardon me if this is redundant, but i would like
to try again....Rhonda

Hi everyone -
I'm sure everyone is totally bored by simple copyright
questions, and i'm sure i should know this but i'm not
sure exactly how to answer -
a faculty member in the foreign language dept. wants
to have a international film festival showing some of
our library videos. they want to know if this is

i understand that this is no longer a "face-to-face"
teaching experience visa "Fair Use";
the film festival would not be open to the
public--they mostly want to open it to the modern
language classes, but are possibly thinking about
making open to others on campus also;
No charge for attending.
and, last but not least, realize that if they get 100
people, it would be amazing -we are a small campus.

so, whattya think -would i have to get permission from
copyright holders?

Rhonda Rosen
Loyola Marymount University

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