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This would sure make a great session at ALA, explaining the changes and
what they mean for higher ed. Is anyone working on this?

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>>> 09/27/02 12:49PM >>>

>Friday, September 27, 2002
>House Members Approve Language Easing Some Copyright Rules for Online
>Language that members of Congress added to an appropriations bill that

>passed the House of Representatives on Thursday would make it easier
>professors to use more kinds of copyrighted works in online courses.
>The legislation would amend the Copyright Act of 1976 so that
>online-education instructors could use recordings of dramatic literary
>musical works -- such as plays, musicals, and operas -- without
>permission from the copyright owners. Under current law, only
>literary and musical works can be used in such courses without
>The language was originally part of S 487, a bill called the
>Education and Copyright Harmonization Act, or TEACH Act. The bill
>the Senate last year and received approval from the House Judiciary
>Committee in July.
>A House Judiciary Committee staff member said House members decided to
>that act's language to the Department of Justice Appropriations
>Authorization Act, HR 2215, which provides money for the Justice
>Department for another year.
>The Justice Department appropriations bill passed the House on
Thursday by
>a vote of 400 to 4.
>Although S 487 has already passed the full Senate, a conference
>of the two chambers will have to decide whether to keep the language
>the appropriations bill. The House and Senate will then vote on the
>appropriations bill again before it is sent to President Bush for his

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