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Thu, 19 Sep 2002 05:49:37 -0700 (PDT)

As a brand new (this week!) subscriber to this list, I hesitate to offer an
opinion, but if I'm in for a penny I'm in for a pound. Have you thought
about checking with the American Film Institute? For many years, they have
been a leader in film preservation and should have some technical
information that would be helpful. They are at

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Subject: help for deteriorated film

> The university archivist asked if you folks have any suggestions for
> this film. She realizes that total restoration is probably not possible,
> but curious about the possibility of rescuing some of it to have
> transferred to video. (It is a film of a university event, no copyright
> issues involved.) Here's her description:
> The film was created in late 1930s and is approximately 45 minutes long.
> It is not stored on a reel of any kind. The film has deteriorated a
> lot. It smells badly like vinegar and is very sticky. The core of the
> roll of film does not look like it can be unwound at all. Approximately
> 15 minutes look salvageable but that section has also deteriorated. The
> film is very faded down the center and is slightly sticky. The only
> reason I am interested in pursing this is that the content of the film
> has historical value to the campus and the images can be made out on
> some of the frames. Does having a copy made sound like a waste of money
> for this film? (Realizing a vendor would have to clean up the original
> to make such a copy.)