Re: video streaming on course reserve web site

Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 14:39:44 -0700 (PDT)

On 9/18/02 8:07 AM, "Jeffrey Clark" <> sent this out:

> 1. TEACH has not yet passed. It may be passed (as is) by the full House
> this fall, though.
> 2. TEACH does refer to using only "reasonable" portions of performance
> programming, restricted to registered course members. So it would not make

[snips] [joining in late here...]

In K-12 we've seen this sort of scenario for video licensing:

- buy single or multiple copies of titles for circulation to schools
(discounts usually available for quantity purchases)
- buy physical copies along with closed-cast rights (pay more $)
- buy physical copies along with duplication rights (pay a lot more $)
- buy physical copies along with dupe and closed-broadcast rights (pay even
more $)
- buy streaming rights for a secured intranet that serves your customer base
and get VHS/DVD print and sometimes closed-cast and/or dupe rights (pay
quite a bit more $)
- buy streaming rights for delivery over the open internet (you can't afford
it and if you do it anyway, they'll come remove some limbs) :-)

Obviously, fair use doesn't do a thing for our circulating libraries...

Rick Faaberg