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> I too was holding my tongue, but since others have spoken up I will too.
> We also buy from Insight as a last resort when we are unable to identify
> source distributor of a listed title.
> This identification is sometimes difficult to do as the Insight catalogs
> frequently list items under a modified title (sometimes slight, sometimes
> entirely different), and the summary information, while providing a good
> abstract, does not include other key information that specifically
> identifies the title, such as producer.
> Additionally, source distributors, such as Films for the Humanities, will
> work with you for duplication rights, digital or other transmission
> replacement copies at reduced cost, etc. BUT only when you buy the titles
> from the distributor (such as FFH) who can verify you have a legal copy.
> This is NOT to say that Insight copies are not legal, but that the source
> distributor does not have the record of your purchases. (For example, 2
> years ago when we were adding "public performance rights" notation to our
> catalog records, FFH was able to generate for us a list of every title we
> purchased from them.
> Price is not the sole issue in making a purchase decision. Service after
> the sale has value too.
> My $.02
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