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Maybe this would be of interest (it is at least very current!) --
Scientific American Frontiers aired an episode called "Games Machines
Play" last May.

Check out the episode's website for streamed video of robot inventions
in action.

PBS, $19.98
To many educators, nothing beats a contest
to bring out the best
in their science and
engineering students.
We follow three such
contests: the
grand-daddy of them all, the
MIT design contest
(this year featuring a
challenge in which
pairs of robots face off
on a gyrating
teeter-totter); a human
powered submarine
race; and the series of
contests pitting teams
of robot soccer
players against each
other to win RoboCup

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I'm searching for videos on Artificial Intelligence. The requesting
professor likes volume 4 of from the series "The Machine That Changed
World" (The Thinking Machine) c.1992, but he'd like to know if there are
more current titles available.


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