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Last year I purchased two Viewsonic projectors. One bulb died within 3
months, the second had to be returned within 8 months - it just wouldn't
turn on. Their phone customer service was terrible, if you can get them to
even answer the phone. I would sit ON HOLD for 35 minutes before I would
finally hang up in frustration. I would strongly urge everyone not to
purchase from Viewsonic - I won't again.

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>We need help because our Telex P170 (LCD data/video projector)
>died last week. Does anyone have parts or a schematic that we could
>purchase? Our budget is tight so purchasing a new unit will be difficult.
>However, what brand(s) do you recommend with at least 1000 lumens?

I recently had our compter sales division do a review of dataprojectors
for my daughter's school. They recommended the Viewsonic PJ550
for following reasons:

- Native XVGA(1024 x 768), plus compressed to 1280 x 1024, support.
XVGA support is important because the lower cost SVGA projectors
simulate (aka fakes) the output when given an XVGA input and thus
text is quite fuzzy. I've had presentations quite negatively
impacted when using an SVGA projector. There are things you can
do if your laptop has dual monitor support or if you turn off your
laptop screen (and don't mind looking backwards to see what slide
is being shown) but native XVGA is definitely preferred!

- Three year warranty!

- Bulb has an estimated 2,000 hour life (actually has a 1 year
warranty on the bulb)

- Reasonably easy to carry at 5.3 lbs

- Reasonably bright at 1200 lumins

- Very cost effective (a search shows it is available for
around $2100 or less ... other XVGA we looked at were more $$).

For more info:

regards .. Peter

p.s. a good source for projector info is:

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