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Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:25:04 -0700 (PDT)

Comparison shopping is the rule, whenever possible, isn't it? Don't pick on
Insight Media alone - check EVERYBODY!

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>Here! Here! The price difference can really be amazing. I never order from
>Insight without checking elsewhere first!
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>I've been thinking of writing in on the topic of Insight Media but have
>held my tongue (or, rather, fingers) until now. I feel the need to express
>a HUGE concern regarding Insight Media.
>Just this month alone, I have managed to order "Insight Media" titles from
>other sources (typically their original source) for a total of $580
>compared to the $1055 I would have had to spend ordering from
>Insight. They send out nicely packaged, subject-specific brochures, which
>profs love because they don't have to fight their way through a huge
>catalog, but I've decided NEVER to order a title from IM w/o looking
>elsewhere first. Occasionally the title has been reworked slightly (as in
>Design of the Modern TheatER vs. Design of the Modern TheatRE), but they're
>usually out there.
>Caveat emptor!!
>Susan at Wabash College
>At 06:50 AM 9/12/02 -0700, you wrote:
>>Insight Media has a sizeable collection of materials on Spain and Spanish
>>literature. I would be happy to send you a catalogue. You can also check
>>our webpage at and click on the Foreign Language page.
>>Elana Joffe
>>Insight Media, Inc.
>>At 09:40 AM 9/12/02, you wrote:
>> > Does anyone know of any particularly good videos and their sources in
>> > English or Spanish dealing with the history of Spain, Medieval Spain, or
>> > about Don Quixote, or Lazarillo de Tormes. I'm also interested in media
>> > distribution sources (paper catalog or web based catalog) that deal with
>> > Spanish topics in general (preferably Iberian peninsula Spain not Latin
>> > American) in Spanish or English.
>> > I've already looked at Facets' Spanish Video Catalog.
>> > Please post your responses to the list. Thank you for your help. We
>> > have new Spanish instructors and they are looking for new materials.
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