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Thu, 12 Sep 2002 07:37:49 -0700 (PDT)

Ditto, I only use them as a last resort.

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Here! Here! The price difference can really be amazing. I never order
from Insight without checking elsewhere first!

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I've been thinking of writing in on the topic of Insight Media but have
held my tongue (or, rather, fingers) until now. I feel the need to
a HUGE concern regarding Insight Media.

Just this month alone, I have managed to order "Insight Media" titles
other sources (typically their original source) for a total of $580
compared to the $1055 I would have had to spend ordering from
Insight. They send out nicely packaged, subject-specific brochures,
profs love because they don't have to fight their way through a huge
catalog, but I've decided NEVER to order a title from IM w/o looking
elsewhere first. Occasionally the title has been reworked slightly (as
Design of the Modern TheatER vs. Design of the Modern TheatRE), but
usually out there.

Caveat emptor!!

Susan at Wabash College

At 06:50 AM 9/12/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Insight Media has a sizeable collection of materials on Spain and
>literature. I would be happy to send you a catalogue. You can also
>our webpage at and click on the Foreign Language
>Elana Joffe
>Insight Media, Inc.
>At 09:40 AM 9/12/02, you wrote:
> > Does anyone know of any particularly good videos and their
sources in
> > English or Spanish dealing with the history of Spain, Medieval
Spain, or
> > about Don Quixote, or Lazarillo de Tormes. I'm also interested in
> > distribution sources (paper catalog or web based catalog) that deal
> > Spanish topics in general (preferably Iberian peninsula Spain not
> > American) in Spanish or English.
> > I've already looked at Facets' Spanish Video Catalog.
> > Please post your responses to the list. Thank you for your
help. We
> > have new Spanish instructors and they are looking for new
> >
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