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Dear John,

Adding screeners to the collection is a big no-no (and I say this as both a
former librarian and a video review magazine editor). Promotional copies are
sent for out for review/evalutation purposes only, and depending on the
studio, the tape may either periodically run an 800 number to call or it may
have a specific number burned into the upper corner (which would allow the
studio to trace the tape directly to the person to whom it was originally
sent). Besides these deterrents, it's just not ethical, any more than adding
galley proofs of manuscripts to the print collection is ethical.


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> Hi all
> we just got a few donated tapes but a couple of them are labeled with "For
Distributor and Retailer promotional use only. Not for duplication or sale"
How do you all handle such things? Does this label make it something that
we can not put into our collection? We did not buy it, request it, or
intend to rent or sell it, but free is free and I'd like to put it into the
collection if it is legal to do so. Does anyone know?
> Thanks
> John
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