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Hi Carol,

The film you're looking for is called "Journey of Hope." Here's the review I
wrote many moons ago:

Journey of Hope
color. 111 min. In Turkish, German, and Italian w/English subtitles. HBO
Video. (1990). $92.99. Rated: PG
Winner of last year's Oscar for Best Foreign Film, writer-director Xavier
Koller's Journey of Hope is a powerful, and gorgeously shot, tale of dashed
dreams based on a true story. Haydar and Meryem, a Kurdish couple struggling
on a farm in Southeast Turkey, together with their seven children, decide to
strike out for greener pastures when word comes from Haydar's brother Cemal
that Switzerland is a "paradise" on Earth. Selling their possessions, the
couple make arrangements to emigrate illegally to Switzerland and pay an
outrageous sum for the passports and transportation necessary for the
journey. The children are left in the care of Haydar's parents, except for
young Mehmet Ali, who is chosen to accompany the parents after Meryem
insists that at least one of their children come along. Unfortunately,
Mehmet Ali's presence ultimately creates an escalating series of problems
for the couple beginning with the fact that he has no passport, and ending
with a heartrending trek across the Swiss mountains in the dark and
murderous cold. The persistence of dreams in the face of callous smugglers,
overwhelming natural barriers, and the sheer confusion of the unknown, is
the inspirational subtext of this often absorbing film. Although
predictable, and occasionally bogged down by melodramatic symbolism, Journey
of Hope is for the most part realistic and sometimes quite moving
(especially in its wrenching conclusion). Though not in a class with recent
Best Foreign Film winners (Pelle the Conqueror (1988), Cinema Paradiso
(1989)), it is very accessible to general audiences. Recommended.



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> I have a patron that is looking for a French film. The plot:
> A Turkish family lives near the Swiss border and is trying to
> get into Switzerland. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
> Any suggestions or help appreciated!
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