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There are some fairly simple and fun activities that can be done with older
1.Flip Book using index cards (If you have the equipment, you could also
shoot the cards and create a string of little animated pieces - it's a nice
way of explaining the 24 frames/second concept).
2.Drawn-on film ala Norman McLaren. Color, re-draw, etc old 16mm footage
with colored sharpies (fine tip, but wider tips could be used for a variety
effects.) This can also be done on clear 16mm leader (or colored leader for
a more opaque result).
2.Found footage film. Using old 16mm footage, splice odd pieces together to
create a new film. Since some of the footage will have a sound on it, make
sure the sound is off when projecting. A separate soundtrack can be created
on a tape recorder and played simultaneously when showing the
Hope this helps!
Patricia Bustamante
Manager, Video Dpt.
Houston Public Library

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My second question. The local school would also like us to do a children's
(grade 5-8) enrichment program on film. We're considering what we have done
in colleges and museums, which is on the history of 20th century exploration

but to branch it out to include the history of cinematic exploration of
culture and cultures (Lumiere, to early century New York City, to animation
and art, etc.).

What we have no clue is how to build a syllabus and what activities we can
with this age. Does anyone have any experience with this or know who we
should talk to? Thanks!

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