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Tue, 27 Aug 2002 02:10:36 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Rhonda,

No good news. Here is some background: " ...the eight-part video series
Histoire(s) du cinema, completed a couple of years ago - remains unseen
in the U.S. because its distributor, Gaumont, has cleared the rights to
the film clips and artwork it uses only in France. (As partial
compensation apparently the rights to film sound tracks and musical
samplings don't need the same kind of clearance - ECM has issued the
complete sound track on CD in an expensive boxed set, along with books
reproducing most of the spoken and written texts in three languages.)"

So this title was published only in France - in Paris in 1998 by
Gallimard-Gaumont in french without any subtitles on VHS/SECAM (4
cassettes). It's a pity but it is no longer available in France.

But according to the following information there must be a publisher in
Japan, too. Anyway they are planning to publish a DVD-version:
"Hori is a member of a research team of five Japanese scholars who were
compiling an
annotated DVD version of Histoire(s) du Cinéma. At a given moment in the
film viewed on DVD, the screen presents the viewer with a menu of up to
four options. By clicking on an option, the viewer can read an annotated
account of the linguistic, cinematographic, iconographic or musical
citations made by the film. The project is supported by the Japanese
distributor of Histoire(s) du cinéma who is banking on the
popularity that Godard enjoys among contemporary Japanese cinephiles.
The distributor hopes that these last will purchase the set of annotated
DVDs once the work of the
research team is done and coded."

Here is a japanese source
(email for information at the bottom)

With kind regards
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Rhonda Pancoe schrieb:
> I am trying to locate a distributor who sells this two-part video or DVD set
> titled HISTOIRE DU CINEMA by Jean-Luc Godard. I do not want the audio CD's.
> Does anyone know who carries this?
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