warning for all carrying videos on airplanes

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from www.fabuloustravel.com
Video Advice
Finally, in case you're worried about traveling with your camcorder,
here's what NYI says about
videotape. Videotape won't be affected by X-rays - even repeated X-rays.
But it is very sensitive to
the magnetic field in that security "doorway" you walk through. Our
advice: Never take videotape
through that "door." Never. Not even once! Either place it on the
conveyer belt along with your
hand-luggage, or have it hand inspected.

from www.usa.canon.com
Q. Will airport X-ray inspection devices or metal detectors harm video

A. No, video tapes are not sensitive to X-rays or metal detectors.

from www.kodak.com


Carry-on baggage inspection conveyors using low intensity x-rays, used
at security checkpoints in US
airports, usually do not affect film. However, these machines may now be
supplemented in some
cases by high intensity machines that will fog all unprocessed film.
Travelers should be wary of all
scanners at foreign airports.

Travelers should politely insist on hand-inspection of their film. Carry
a changing bag for use by the
inspector. Demonstrate how it is used, with a can of fogged film as an
example. However, there is no
guarantee that your request will be granted by local inspectors, who may
insist on x-ray inspection.
Hand inspection may not be permitted in some airports outside the US.

There seems to be some concern that the new explosive detection devices
for checked baggage may be
harmful to film, but I can't find anything related to video. Again,
this from www.kodak.com

Any checked baggage may be subject to high-intensity x-ray scanning in a
machine that is out of sight
of travelers. Airline check-in agents rarely, if ever, warn travelers of
this. Kodak is pressing for
warning notices to be posted at check-in desks and for verbal warnings
to be given to travelers. Never
pack unprocessed film in baggage that will be checked.

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