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Fri, 16 Aug 2002 08:30:15 -0700 (PDT)

I'll add my vote to this grievance. I have needed to purchase individual
titles from series in the past and haven't if buying the whole series again
was the only option. Currently I'm looking for the Vietnam segment of the
Sworn to Secrecy series. Sometimes Teacher's Video has individual titles
available. Occasionally you can find individual titles from Insight provided
you can decipher their renaming scheme, have the time to plow through their
brochures (their Web site is abysmal), and are willing to pay their price. I
usually search them only as a last resort.
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> I am sick of purchasing entire sets of videos or DVDs as replacements when
> single tape from a series is ruined, stolen, lost, etc. Is it really that
> difficult for distributors to offer individual tapes for sale? I
> the fact that we, as purchasers of films for libraries, are a very small
> portion of sales compared to the general buying public and that most
> consumers will never need to buy a replacement. Even so, I do not see
> the why video distributors cannot make available the same videos for sale
> individually it addition to being sold as a complete set.
> Now that I have that off my chest I'd like to make a plea to Jessica to
> please sell me a copy of The Movies Begin a Treasury of Early Cinema
> 1894-1914 Volume 1 on DVD. Our copy of this volume was recently stolen.
> Thanks for reading--back to lurker status I go.
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