Hopkins Nanjing Center documentaries

Madeline Copp (mcopp@jhu.edu)
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 08:02:34 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry - the lists I sent were unreadable. I decided to just copy and paste
the titles into the body of the email. Here's the list for documentaries -
I'll send the other list after I make sure that this one comes through.

Please let me know if you have questions.


P.S. The odd numbers at the beginning are the call numbers.
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Last updated March 8, 2002
CE 001 Global Links Women in the third World
CE 002 Walk Series-The Image Makers
CE 003 Curse of the tropics
CE 004 Focus on Development Teaching Global Links
CE 005 Education a Chance for a Better World
CE 006 Molders of Troy
CE 007 American Adventure Series: The Jacksonian Persuasion
CE 008 Frontline: Potomac Fever
CE 009 Molders of Troy
CE 010 American After Vietnam: America and Its Political Institutions
CE 011 Traditions and the 20th Century
CE 012 American Adventure Series
CE 013 Inside Story: That's the Way It Goes
CE 014 Earth: The Charging Environment
CE 015 The Urban Dilemma
CE 016 Japan Reaches for the 21st Century
CE 017 "Between the War" "Versailles: the Lost Peace"
CE 018 "Between the War" "Japan Invade China"
CE 019 "Between the War" "War Comes to Pear Harbor"
CE 020 Eyes on the Prize Episode 1: Awakenings (1954-56)
CE 021 Eyes on the Prize Episode 2: Fighting Back (1957-62)
CE 022 Eyes on the Prize Episode 3: Hint Scared of your Jails (1960-61)
CE 023 Eyes on the Prize Episode 4: No Easy Walk (1962-66)
CE 024 Eyes on the Prize Episode 5: Mississippi: Is This America? (1962-64)
CE 025 Eyes on the Prize Episode 6: Bridge of Freedom (1965)
CE 026 the President and the Constitution President Ronald Reagan
CE 027 the President and the Constitution President Gerald Ford
CE 028 the President and the Constitution President Jimmy Carted
CE 029 the President and the Constitution President Richard Nixon
CE 030 Vietnam in the Year of the Pig
CE 031 Eyes on the Prize II: The Time Has Come (1964-1965)
CE 032 Eyes on the Prize II: Two Societies (1965-1968)
CE 033 Eyes on the Prize II: Power! (1967-1968)
CE 034 Eyes on the Prize II: The Promised Land (1967-1968)
CE 035 Eyes on the Prize II: Ain't Gonna shuffle No More (1968-71)
CE 036 Eyes on the Prize II: A Nation of Low? (1968-1971)
CE 037 Eyes on the Prize II: The Keys to the Kingdom (1974-80)
CE 038 Eyes on the Prize II: Back to the Movement (1979-mid 1980s)
CE 039 The Civil War Episode One: the Cause 1861
CE 040 The Civil War Episode Two: A Very Bloody Affair-1862
CE 041 The Civil War Episode Three: Forever Free-1862
CE 042 The Civil War Episode Five: The Universe of Battle-1863
CE 043 The Civil War Episode Four: Simply Murder
CE 044 The Civil War Episode Seven: Mast Hallowed Ground-1864
CE 045 The Civil War Episode Six: Valley of the Shadow of Death-1864
CE 046 The Civil War Episode Nine: The Better Angels of Our Nature-1865
CE 047 The Civil War Episode Eight: War Is All Hell-1865
CE 048 The Two Coasts of China: Asia and the Challenge of the West
CE 049 Meiji: Asia's Response to the West
CE 050 From the Barrel of a Gun
CE 051 Writers and Revolutionaries
CE 052 Reinventing Japan
CE 052-1 Inside Japan, Inc.
CE 053 Big Business and Ghost of Confucius
CE 054 The Flight For Democracy
CE 055 Sentimental Imperialists: America in Asia
CE 056 The Pacific Century: The Future of the Pacific Basin
CE 057 The American Experience: IDA B Wells-A Passion for Justice
CE 058 The American Experience: Demon Rum
CE 059 The Bologna Center
CE 061 Introduction to Our Global Environment
CE 063 The Family
CE 064 Small Happiness
CE 066 MTI Film and Video Focus on 1960-1964: Kennedy Years
CE 067 MTI Film and Video Focus on the Fifties
CE 068 Focus on 1965-1969: Angry Years
CE 069 Collision Course
CE 070 Future Conditional: Global Climate Change
CE 071 The Chinese Revolution
CE 072 MTI Film and Video Focus on the Thirties
CE 073 One World, One Economy
CE 074 World Bank Story
CE 075 Jeannette Rankin: The Woman who voted no
CE 076 A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers: Postwar Hopes,
Cold War Fears
CE 078 Legacy of Vision
CE 079 The Charlie Chaplin Collection
CE 080 Wasn't That a Time!
CE 081 Focus On the 40's
CE 083 Agents of Change: Women and the Environment
CE 084 The Politics of Privacy (PBS)
CE 085 Gods of Metal
CE 087 Anita Hill Hearings
CE 089 Walk Series: The Image Makers
CE 090 1988 Presidential Election Coverage
CE 092 For All the People
CE 093 Ambassador Roy Confirmation Hearing
CE 094 Agents of Change: Women and the Environment
CE 096 To Taste a Hundred Herbs
CE 097 The Animated Haggadah
CE 098 All Under Heaven
CE 099 Investing in Natural Capital
CE 103 Presidential Debate
CE 104 Amerika-3
CE 105 Presidential Debate 3
CE 106 Presidential Debate 2
CE 107 Presidential Debate 3 1992
CE 109 The American Experience Nixon's China Game
CE 110 A Midwife's Tale
CE 111 The War Room
CE 112 Primary
CE 113 War V.1-8
CE 114 "All the President's Man"
CE 115 Broadcast News
CE 116 A Civil Action
CE 117 Discovery Channel V.1-3
CE 118 An Empire of Reason
CE 119 ROEV. Wade at Twenty Five
CE 120 Fahrenheit 451
CE 121 The People vs. Larry Flynt
CE 122 Absence of Malice
CE 123 Great TV News Stories
CE 124 The Road to Brown
CE 125 The Supreme Court of the United States
CE 126 Deterrence
CE 127 May It Please the Court (Tape records)
CE 128 The Revolutionary War
CE 129 Apollo II the Eagle Has Landed
CE 130 The Congress
CE 131 Frontline the Clinton Years
CE 132 Martin
CE 133 Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet v.1-v.3
CE 134 The First Measured Century
CE 135 The Presidents Collection v.1-v.7
CE 136 The War Room
CE 137 A Perfect Candidate
CE 138 Buffalo Creek Flood
CE 139 America's Political Parties
CE 140 Great Leap 1949-77
CE 141 China: A Century of Revolution
CE 142 From Mao to Mozart
CE 143 China Rising
CE 144 One Day in September
CE 145 The Sorrow and the Pity
CE 146 Frontline in Search of Bin Laden
CE 147 The West
CE 148 Vietnam: A Television History
CE 149 The Birth of a Nation
CE 150 Star Wars
CE 151 Rocky
CE 152 Rebel Without a Cause
CE 153 The Great Train Robbery
CE 154 Wall Street
CE 155 In the Heat if Night
CE 156 Prelude to War-World at the Brink
CE 157 Dr. Strange Love
CE 158 Roger & Me
CE 159 Gattaca
CE 160 Top Hot
CE 162 The Day the Earth Stood Still
CE 163 Guess Who's coming to Dinner
CE 164 Siege
CE 165 Them
CE 166 The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
CE 167 Three Bings
CE 168 Adam's Rib
CE 169 Matrix
CE 170 The Grapes of Wrath
CE 171 Wings