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Preview those videos. The rap against Madacy has been all-around poor
quality--the movies on their tapes tend to look/sound terrible. You'll have
to look at them and decide if that's correct in this case. From the brief
searching I've done there don't appear to be better quality versions of
these two films available on video--someone on list correct me if I'm wrong.


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Someone has donated 2 videos to our library. Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother
you all with this, but the name jumps out. They are manufactured and
distributed by the Madacy Music Group in Canada. I seem to remember some
people using strong language about this company. The two titles are:

Eternally Yours - Loretta Young, Broderick Crawford, David Niven - Hollywood
Classics Collectors Edition - 1994 Case is black and white, looks like
stills from the movie

Private Buckaroo - Harry James, The Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Lewis -
Hollywood Classics Collectors Edition, 1994. Case is black and white, looks
like stills from the movie.

Thanks for the help.

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