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Brigid Duffy (
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 14:39:58 -0700 (PDT)

This isn't a problem my institution has (yet) to deal with, but how about
small holographic stickers - a little glittery dot in one corner of the
cover art? Maybe with SSUL on it, as further identification. I understand
those don't copy well at all.

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>Here is a weird sidelight to the problem with patrons burning library CDs...
>Out of the 2000+ CDs in our collection, approximately 10% of them are
>missing the original liner notes and jewel-case cover art.
>We have a very talented pirate who makes quality color scans (complete with
>ID labels!) and inserts them in place of the originals. Of course, on first
>glance, the CD case looks fine, the person leaves the original disc in, so
>we have no reason to question it on first glance. An item may circulate
>several times before the facsimile artwork is discovered (usually a patron
>complaint about missing lyrics; the faux sheets are just cosmetic and lack
>double sides or multiple pages), so it is impossible to backtrack any
>patterns by any single individual.
>Has anybody else experienced this practice? Any suggestions on how to
>prevent or discourage it?
>Our circulation system does not allow item record histories, so we can not
>backtrack previous patrons or detect suspicious user patterns. Of course,
>closer inspection upon checkin is the most obvious preventative action, but
>not always possible in a high traffic situation.
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>on 8/7/02 9:36 AM, Mike Boedicker at wrote:
>> Do any of you folks post signs in your media depts. about copyright -- i.e.
>> that the library adheres to copyright law and that copying certain material
>> may be an infringement? I'm constantly amazed by the number of patrons who
>> openly brag about ripping our CDs or copying our videos. Worse, they often
>> seem to think it's legal "as long as I don't sell it." Recently a guy
>> called, quite upset, because he'd accidentally returned a library CD to us
>> (belonging to another library) with his own burned CD copy inside the
>> library case along with the legitimate CD. Since it belonged to another
>> library, it was routed to them, but man, he had nerve asking us to track
>> down his pirated copy (which we refused to do).
>> I know a posted copyright sign won't stop any of this, but at least it would
>> serve as a formal notice. If any of you have such a sign, how does it read?
>> Thanks.
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