RE: Pape rwork Question

Mike Tribby (
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 07:55:21 -0700 (PDT)

> And I guess since I don't send 5 pages of
>paperwork w/ $20 orders [or any orders for that matter], it's hard for me
>to imagine what the heck those people are asking for.
>I guess we can agree to disagree about the courtesy of throwing away those
>POs for films that never existed from companies you've never done business
>with. But it does seem pretty lazy on the part of the folks doing the
>ordering to not even verify that you carry a title.

I think what they want is a title (or titles) they can't find easily, with
PPR and duplication rights plus whatever else strikes their fancies, from a
vendor that takes POs. This happens at QBI, too, but with us it's usually
hard to find books. As for the reams of paper and what institutions want,
I've filled out 20-25 page forms about cataloging that ask for patently
impossible things. It's kind of like the "desired" qualities in a job
advertisement, wishful thinking in the marketplace.

Go Sox!

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