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Susan Albrecht (
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 07:37:06 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for taking the time to explain, Jessica. I think your confession
that you exaggerated a bit helped. Plus, in those cases you've described
where you've INFORMED people that you won't accept certain types of orders
or contracts, and they keep doing it, ...well, I don't think anyone would
blame you in those cases. And I guess since I don't send 5 pages of
paperwork w/ $20 orders [or any orders for that matter], it's hard for me
to imagine what the heck those people are asking for.

I guess we can agree to disagree about the courtesy of throwing away those
POs for films that never existed from companies you've never done business
with. But it does seem pretty lazy on the part of the folks doing the
ordering to not even verify that you carry a title. Anyway, I'll be sure
to put *my* phone # on any POs I send you in the future.

Go Cubs!

At 07:08 AM 8/9/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Honestly Susan it depends on the PO and I confess I exaggerated but I do
>throw out SOME paperwork. The bid "contracts" are NOT PO's and I have no
>idea what they are but without SPECIFIC items listed they go right in the
>trash and if they may go there anyway if they are too long. We don't "bid"
>out videos and if institutions send these out when they order ANYTHING I
>just don't have the time for them. There a few Institutions which shall
>remain nameless that ALWAYS send POs with the wording indicating that they
>could dupe the item, show it cable etc. After TWICE telling them that we
>would NOT accept such orders ( and mentioning that this would NEVER actually
>give them rights since in most cases they would be sending them to
>companies that do not own such rights) I now throw out these orders. I am
>not going to keep sending back the SAME defective form to the SAME
>The biggest problem has been the $20 po's with five pages of paperwork
> >From now on I am returning them with a note to buy the item from B & T or
>Inghram as we are too small to process this kind of order.
>Part of the problem is that Kino is neither a big company like Facets, Baker
>& Taylor etc that is used to processing lots of paperwork , nor a small
>company like Woman Make Movies whose items cost enough to make processing
>this stuff worth it even for a single tape. It may sound evil or lazy but
>I really don't have time to return a PO with a title that has never been
>released on video from an institution I have never done any business with.
>IF the forms had a phone or e mail and I could take care of these things in
>one minute I would but I will throw out others

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