Re: Pape rwork Question

Rick Faaberg (
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 17:23:45 -0700 (PDT)

On 8/8/02 4:23 PM, "Jessica Rosner" <> sent this out:

> Our basic procedure is to put ONE
> copy of invoice INSIDE the box and MAIL one copy to billing address but
> we find that somehow about 20% of the time , the customer claims to have
> NEVER gotten an invoice.

I can well imagine that they think the one in the box is a packing slip, not
an invoice, even though it says "invoice".

I'd re-label the one in the box "packing slip". When we receive an invoice,
for example, it has to be matched up with a "packing slip" with our
receiving clerk's signature verifying that all listed product was received.

As to why they say they never received an invoice, I have no clue. If it's
sent to their billing address, it ought to arrive for sure.

Maybe they're pulling your leg? 8-)

And I agree stating "rights" or whatever on a PO and expecting that to be a
contract is not a very bright and/or knowledgeable video professional.

I'm looking for a new position by the way... Anyone have an opening or a
lead for me?


Rick Faaberg