Pape rwork Question

Jessica Rosner (
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 16:24:53 -0700 (PDT)

I think I posted on this before but I am having more problems with
institutional paperwork. Kino is a small company and anything more than the
basics ( Invoice , PO # etc) is a bitch. I have decided to no longer accept
ANY orders under $100 that require anything OTHER than a standard tax info
form. I have gotten orders for a SINGLE tape which come with 5 pages of
forms and I just can't spend time on this. I IMMEDIATELY throw out "bid"
contracts as we don't "bid" on orders. Our basic procedure is to put ONE
copy of invoice INSIDE the box and MAIL one copy to billing address but
we find that somehow about 20% of the time , the customer claims to have
NEVER gotten an invoice. I refuse on principle to fill out any forms
requesting information on the office ( break down of staff, adherence to
drug policy etc). I also have to throw away ANY forms about additional
rights , duplication etc because I just can't fill them out and send them
with EVERY order and since basically NO feature films would EVER come with
these rights I find it annoying. I must also throw out ANY PO or order which
simply STATES these right on a PO, as I am not going to be put in the
position of crossing it out and returning it.

I know this all sounds nasty but if any of you guys have suggestions that
would work WITHOUT taking up too much time let me know.

Also can PLEASE, PLEASE get them to put EITHER a phone # or e mail address
on orders as again I am forced to just throw out a PO that comes in with
a title we don't carry UNLESS I have a way of contacting the institution,
OTHER than mailing it back


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