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Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:51:22 -0700 (PDT)

Here are four documentary videos that give a picture of contemporary social
problems that will be of interest in China. Descriptions are available in
Chinese already.

Madeline Copp wrote:

> Dear Videolibbers,
> Our Hopkins-Nanjing Center in China has started a project to purchase films
> for their collection. They have asked for help creating a list of titles

GOING TO SCHOOL ~ IR A LA ESCUELA 64 minutes, color
A Richard Cohen Film

A compelling, upbeat story of inclusion, special education and the empowerment
of children and parents. The film shares the daily experiences of students with
significant disabilities in a middle and an elementary school in Los Angeles.
It reveals the determination of parents to make sure their children receive a
quality education. The issues of respect, civil rights, and education for all
children are universal and poignantly conveyed.

“Excellent, an important tool for educators and families. The video reminds us
of all of our responsibilities to be advocates for children, and to support
them in their quest for equal access and opportunity.”
Linda Shevitz, Educational Equity Specialist,
Maryland State Department of Education

“Compelling and uplifting…excellent resource for school counselors,
administrators, and teachers, as well as for students of all grade levels when
discussing discrimination, differences, or ethics.”
Mercedes Smith, Bishop Kenny High, Jacksonville, FL

“With a gentle humanity, the video breaks down barriers between special and
regular students and speaks to the power of parents to make a difference
through persistence and love.”
-- QUEST, Muscular Dystrophy Association

TAYLOR'S CAMPAIGN 75 minutes, color
Directed and Edited by Richard Cohen. Produced by Amy Ziering Kofman and
Richard Cohen. Narrated by Martin Sheen

An intensely gripping, humorous and insightful look at hardworking people
living in cardboard lean-tos, dumpster diving for survival, in Santa Monica,
California. When local lawmakers threaten to suspend their civil rights in a
drive to sweep the streets of “the homeless”, this spirited encampment of
military vets, drifters and disabled people rally behind the leadership of a
destitute ex-truck driver named Ron Taylor. Taylor runs for city council and
turns his candidacy into a quest for tolerance.

"Taylor’s Campaign stands as the best documentary on homelessness in this era.
It is an impressive work at the intersection of documentary filmmaking and
social research, and an invaluable resource for teaching about poverty.”
Leon Anderson, Ohio University, Teaching Sociology

“The Grapes of Wrath for today.” Terry Messman Street Spirit, Berkeley,

"Lively, compassionate… Close up views of the homeless community are
David Sterritt, The Christian Science Monitor

“Excellent documentary” … “cuts right to the heart of the plight of the

HURRY TOMORROW (78 minutes, black and white, PBS special)
A film by Richard Cohen and Kevin Rafferty

Filmed over a six-week period in a locked ward at Metropolitan State Hospital
in Los Angeles, Hurry Tomorrow shows patients being tied down with straps and
cuffs, forcibly medicated with powerful tranquilizers, reducing them to
helpless, zombie-like states. This cinema verite classic illustrates how
individuals struggle to maintain their dignity in a
dehumanized environment.

“A crucifying indictment of ward conditions, drug companies and the violation
of present laws. The film is an act of courage and warning about mind control
told with compassion and rage.”
Linda Gross, The Los Angeles Times

“A passionate purposeful film document, all The more real for its righteous
prejudice against unreasoning authority”
Andrew Kopkind, WBCN RADIO, Boston

“A disturbing indictment on the assaults on human dignity.” Mack., Variety

DEADLY FORCE (PBS’s Non-Fiction Television, 60 minutes)
A film by Richard Cohen, 1980

The use of deadly force is a recurring and divisive issue in communities across
the nation. This powerful and provocative documentary examines police
accountability for civilian fatalities by focusing on a killing that rocked Los
Angeles. On the morning of August 4, 1977, a veteran LAPD officer stopped his
car to investigate Ron Burkholder, a naked unarmed
man on a Los Angeles street corner. Within two minutes, Burkholder lay dead,
shot six times.

"DEADLY FORCE is a gripping and persuasive investigation. Really, it is a
troubling, thoughtful inquiry into the wider subject of police brutality and
the whole relationship between society and its custodians of order.
Tom Shales, The Washington Post

“Rivals any detective drama you’ve ever seen” Dick Brill, San Francisco

“Extremely thought provoking” CHOICE

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