RE: NewsScan: DVD stats

Mike Tribby (
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 06:21:35 -0700 (PDT)

To state the obvious:

These figures are for total sales, not units sold. If new DVDs average
$24.99 per unit on release and VHS averages $19.99 per unit on release (note
that I said "if"), then more VHS units were sold than DVD. Please keep in
mind when bandying statistics about, that special interest videos--not all
of which run to 3-figure sales prices--also inhabit the VHS universe, and,
moreso every day, the DVD universe. Anybody got reliable numbers for DVD
units sold vs.VHS units sold for last year?

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>A trade association for the video software industry has released the
>following statistics: DVD sales rose 69% last year over 2000, to $5.4
>billion; DVD sales passed VHS tape sales, which fell 9% to $4.9 billion;
>renters spent $7 billion on tapes, down 26%, and $1.4 billion on discs,
>up 100%; and just 25% of homes have players, with that figure expected
>to reach 35% expected by year's end. (USA Today 16 Jul 2002)