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And what about all those Easter Eggs? What are cataloguers to do about
those? In the mean time, I'll start a Twinkie fund for you.


At 09:45 AM 7/10/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Karen,
>I don't think you're being whiny at all (or else I'm a major whiner too). In
>the Jan/Feb '02 issue of "Video Librarian" I wrote a slightly
>tongue-in-cheek editorial about DVD pet peeves (see below) touching on the
>problem you mention (and others). I suspect that the technowizard who builds
>the black box for DVD players with a workaround to get viewers directly to
>the program will be this decade's populist hero.
>Here's the editorial:
>My New Year's DVD Resolutions
>Well, it's that time of year again, when we turn over a new (calendar) leaf
>and resolve to swear off cherry cheesecake, reduce our consumption of
>great-tasting (but calorie-laden) microbrewery beer, troubleshoot the motion
>detector light that turns off when someone or something approaches, and
>pledge renewed allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks. Rather than simply spout
>off various unrealistic resolutions this year, however, I've decided to make
>a handful of conditional New Year's claims that, if agreed to by the
>Hollywood studios, will benefit us all.
>Number 5: I resolve to relieve our local Wal-Mart greeter for additional
>breaks with the approximately seven hours I'll save each month if Paramount
>Home Video, MGM Home Video, and others would agree that putting anti-theft
>security sticky tape on three sides of a DVD is overkill.
>Number 4: I resolve to turn my attention to the knotty problem--very
>familiar to cosmologists and the late Douglas Adams--of a Grand Unified
>Theory summing up (in Mr. Adams' technical terminology) "life, the universe,
>and everything," with all the days I would save if only the studios locked
>up the mice of those CAD whiz kids who create opening animated DVD menus
>that are nearly as long as the films themselves.
>Number 3: I resolve to ride public transportation for the next six months
>wearing billboards hawking various B-titles such as Venomous (starring Treat
>Williams) or The Operative (starring Brian Bosworth) and not smirking if the
>studios would subscribe to a little truth-in-advertising regarding "Special
>Features": namely, animated menus are not special, cast and credits are
>about as special to most viewers as the ingredient list on a box of Special
>K cereal, and in the real world, "trailer" is another word for--not
>"special"--but "personal domicile."
>Number 2: I resolve to watch the entire oeuvre of both Pauly Shore and Adam
>Sandler in one 24-hour period--at considerable risk to my own sanity--if
>Universal Home Video freely admits that six different versions of American
>Pie--standard edition (rated), standard edition (unrated), collector's
>edition (rated), collector's edition (unrated), ultimate edition (rated),
>ultimate edition (unrated)--are perhaps a few more slices than we actually
>Number 1: I resolve to scale Mt. Everest clad only in a Johnny Weissmuller
>loincloth with a single Twinkie for nourishment if the studios agree to
>remove the non-fast-forwardable opening copyright notices, including the
>extra ones in other languages, such as French, that--for all I know--are
>really saying "stupid Americans love Jean Luc-Godard. Ha ha ha."
>Do I actually expect to carry out any of these resolutions? Well, I suppose
>that would depend on whether or not the studios agree that the relentless
>torture of consumers is not exactly sound business practice. But I honestly
>don't expect to be saying "howdy, welcome to Wal-Mart" anytime soon.
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> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am cataloging the multi-part PBS documentary _Jazz_, and I found
> > that I had to sit through at least seven of those short, slow-motion
> > PBS advertisements for sponsors. Too bad, but not too surprising.
> > Then after they finally got around to thanking "Viewers Like You,"
> > the whole thing started over again! Does anyone but me think that's
> > just a bit too much? We have this on DVD, and of course these ads
> > are set up so that they cannot be skipped over or fast-forwarded
> > through. I understand that these corporations sponsor PBS so that
> > they can get the advertising--some of them, anyway--but would they
> > really not give the money, or not give as much, if their ads were
> > not repeated at the beginning of the DVD?
> >
> > Sorry for this kind of whiny post. When I first started cataloging
> > DVDs I thought they were great, since there was no question of
> > rewinding through three hours of feature film after looking at the
> > end credits, for instance. Lately, however, they just seem more and
> > more irritating. When I'm rewinding, at least I have control over
> > the medium!
> >
> > Thanks for listening,
> >
> > Karen
> >
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