Re: CD/DVD peeling problem

John Holland (
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 12:50:05 -0700 (PDT)

We have had that problem with audiobooks on CD. I don't know why, but
several (if not all) of the major publishers of books on tape/CD use a
type of disc that has no protective layer of plastic or paint over the
foil-like stuff that holds the pits of information, and it scratches off
very easily. This is the back or label side of the disc I'm talking
about, not they playable side. It also sticks to some of the plastic
sleeves that the companies pacakage them in! When this happens, this
disc is totally unplayable. If it happens early on, we can get a free
replacement from those companies that offer such things, but too often
we have had to discard the whole set. I haven't seen any DVD's do this
(yet!) nor do any of the thousands of music CD's in my personal
collection seem to have this problem. I suspect it is just cheap

Wendy Ensor wrote:

> Hi all,
> Have any of you had a CD or DVD where the paint is peeling off the
> top? It looks like they got stuck to their plastic holders. They
> still seem to play ok so we'd hate to toss them, but we'd like to do
> something to them,if possible, to prevent further damage.
> Any ideas, suggestions?
> Thanks so much!
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