seven deadly sins of video libraries finally posted

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7 Deadly Sins of Video

Story Posted by Blake on Sunday July 07 2002, @ 09:54PM -- Read 14
from the indie-wood dept.

Steve Fesenmaier writes: "Facets Video, in Chicago, has produced a
very useful guide to the “7 deadly sins of video collecting.” Here
they are briefly:

1. Forgetting that public libraries are not video stores.
2. Ignoring newer foreign and indie films.
3. Marginalizing or minimizing the video collection.
4. Animation=Disney=Children
5. Neglecting classic, indie, and foreign titles become of expense
6. Treating AFI list of 100 “greatest” as the gospel
7. Defining “indie” as “indiewood”.

If you want to get a copy of the brochure, contact If you are
looking for interesting videos and DVDs, check out –
I do. Their website gives full descriptions of 35,000 items. Last year
they released the “Decalogue”, 10 films by Polish director

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