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Sorry. I obviously didn't have my full quota of coffee this morning, and wrote my reply to the wrong message. My apologies.

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>The whole point of the readathon is for people (and other teens) to see
>teens reading in a public space. Anything we do in our libraries won't have
>impact on non-users. I think, except for SDR, library-sited readathons
>would be a fizzle. Maybe Main has enough non-library traffic on the Plaza
>to work, but the others don't. I think a way will be found around this.
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>> Lisa -
>> We have had our video collection in open stacks for several years
>> now. VHS and DVD are inter-filed by LC call number. The video-store
>> mentality does cause some confusion among users though who expect that
>> vids will be in title order.
>> Tapes are secured using 3Ms video tape security strips applied directly to
>> the cassette. We also apply a property label and barcode directly to the
>> cassette. We use the newer 3M security rings on our DVDs. These fit
>> around the center hole of the DVD on the label side. Our collection is
>> about 5,000 pieces and yes, unfortunately we have had some theft in the
>> last couple of years. Primarily from the feature film section of the
>> collection.
>> Last winter we were hit by a systematic theft in which someone removed
>> cinephile titles from their cases - leaving the empty cases on the
>> shelves. About 18 DVDs and VHS tapes were taken over a couple of weeks.
>> We never did "solve" the case but the stealing stopped when Christmas
>> break started. That's been our worst incident. At the other end of
>> things we found two copies of Electra Glide in Blue on our shelves this
>> week sans case - the tapes and cover inserts were neatly shelved but the
>> clear vinyl cases had been taken. ????
>> We hope to get funding for a major remodel of the A/V area making it more
>> secure - reducing 3 exits from the area to one and installing a security
>> point. We will then require checkout of vids before leaving the A/V area.
>> We've been able to replace most of the stolen and otherwise damaged or
>> lost videos using a portion of our fine monies that is set aside as a
>> replacement fund. Given that vids are more vulnerable to damage and wear
>> out faster than print materials seem to we charge a higher fine ($1.00
>> day) on vids to support this fund. It also makes the selectors more
>> comfortable with the open stacks arrangement since the cost of replacing
>> something generally doesn't come out of their acquisitions money.
>> Hoep this helps,
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>> On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Lisa Flanzraich wrote:
>> > We are seriously considering open shelving from a closed shelving
>> > Students would be able to find the videos they want through the call
>> > We are an academic library. Are there academic libraries out there that
>have open
>> > video shelving? What kind of security devices do you use to prevent
>theft? Do you
>> > use something like the Alpha Secure Case System? All feedback is
>> > Thanks
>> >

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