Videos on open shelves

Tatar, Becky (
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 15:01:15 -0700 (PDT)

I'm at a public library, but we just spent the last year 1) putting videos
on open shelves - all 10,000 of them, and 2) cutting, and laminating the
original boxes/sleeves onto the cases we put videos in - all 10,000 of them.
Our circ has gone up almost 25 - 35% each month since a May 2000, when the
videos were first put out. Part of the conversion process was sending all
nonfiction sleeves to tech services to have a Dewey call number assigned.
Feature films have a genre label on the spine and are shelved
alphabetically. Patrons seem to like it. This was done with all our videos
- adult and children's are all in adult services - the children's department
has no room for theirs. We have no security for these. We have lost a few
- found some empty cases on the shelve, but not too many. What is happening
more is that the people are just walking out with the whole case. We just
started circulating DVDs. The same set up applies to DVDs as videos - genre
labels for feature films, nonfiction with Dewey numbers. However - we have
Alpha Security T-MAG cases for these. They take up more room, and are not
easily shelved neatly, but they might stick around longer.

I know the mission of the academic library is different than a public
library, and your patrons have different demands, but I hope this helps.

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