Re: open shelving

Karen Gorss Benko (
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 11:30:48 -0700 (PDT)

We just moved to open shelving last January, after being closed for our entire
video-holding history before that. Response has been only positive. People love to be
able to browse the video collection.

For security we are using some kind of clear plastic hinged boxes. They are much
bigger than the videos themselves so there is a lot of wasted shelf space. I don't
know how we came to choose these large boxes. I don't know what company makes them,
either, but I could find out if you want me to. I am pretty sure they are not made by

You didn't ask specifically, but we class and shelve all videos according to LC. VHSs
and DVDs are separate. (We have a few hundred laserdiscs but they are still back in
the closed shelves.) Feel free to ask for more detail!


Lisa Flanzraich wrote:

> We are seriously considering open shelving from a closed shelving system.
> Students would be able to find the videos they want through the call number.
> We are an academic library. Are there academic libraries out there that have open
> video shelving? What kind of security devices do you use to prevent theft? Do you
> use something like the Alpha Secure Case System? All feedback is appreciated.
> Thanks

Karen Gorss Benko
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