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Renee Zurn (
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:44:22 -0700 (PDT)

Pamela, I work for a public library that just recently added DVD's but has had videos for years.

We divide our videos into entertainment and nonfiction. The nonfiction videos get cataloged with a Dewey number. This number is place on the spine of the case. The video gets a bar code placed directly on the cassette, a security strip placed on the long edge of the cassette with an ownership label placed over the security strip. We used to brand the cassette with our initials - DPL - but stopped when we changed to 3M security. If the video belongs to one of our branches we write on the cassette the branch name abbreviated with a marker pen.

Entertainment videos get an accession number that we also list on a spine label that gets placed on the case. The cassette gets marked like the nonfiction ones. We also add genre stickers if a video is clearly a comedy, foreign, classic, etc.

DVD's will be handled in a similar way but we only plan to have the DVD case out for the public with the discs behind the Circ desk. Nonfiction will be cataloged with a Dewey number but since there is not much of a spine on a DVD case we plan to place the label on the lower left front corner of the case. The bar code will go on the upper right front corner. We also decided that the label will indicate the number of discs and enclosures - for example a label may say DVD-10 and we will add a Duluth Public Library also 3 discs
1 enclosure.

My Tech people want to try pre-printed labels that would have only DVD, discs and enclosure on it and the person processing the DVD would write in the accession number, number of discs, number of enclosures. We will see how that works.

We also mark the center of each DVD with a machine that will stamp our name into the disc, which is also how we mark our cd's.

Please visit our website,, to see how the records look in our catalog.

Hope this helps,
Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
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Duluth MN 55802