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Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:43:44 -0700 (PDT)

Our equipment techs have made believers out of us about not splicing
videotapes anywhere except at the leaders. Yes, splices in the middle are
dangerous to VCR heads. I have made quite a few leader-end splices over the
years, and most of them are still on the shelves. On the few occasions that
I have spliced in the middle, we have played the repaired tape only once to
make a copy to use while ordering a replacement. We discard the spliced tape
immediately so it does not end up back in a VCR by mistake. We use a manual
splicer from RTI (I think) and U-matic or VHS splicing tapes. Works very
well. I have used Scotch magic tape to splice audio cassettes, but would be
told that my VCRs were on their own if I used Scotch tape for video
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> Is it safe to splice videocassettes? A local video store fixes our broken
> videos if the break is at the very beginning or end and the tape can be
> reinserted back on to the reel. Since using their services we haven't had
> tape break in the middle. I recall reading somewhere that splicing
> but the very beginning or end can screw up VCR heads. Any truth to this?
> And if it's safe to splice tapes, can anyone recommend a good kit?
> Mike
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