RE: why won't this video play?

Gilles Poitras (
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 13:44:07 -0700 (PDT)

At 11:18 AM -0700 6/22/02, Jeffrey Clark wrote:

>And muscle will be
>applied on the import version by the new rights holder. That's what's
>happening with the Disney complex's (Buena Vista/Miramax) clamping down on
>select Hong Kong and Japanese product they now have the international
>rights to repackage.

Much of their clamping down is with Asian pirated releases such as the
various Ghibli box sets. Currently there is no licensed DVD release of the
Ghibli titles in a box set. This week I reported about 20 online retailers
who were selling these to Joe Woodall.

Plenty of places sell the legetimate Japanese releases of the individual
discs with, so far, no problem.

A good web site on identifying, at lease anime related, pirated goods is:

> So recently, for example, will
>no longer sell certain titles going to U.S. addresses.

They have a good selection of US releases of many Asian titles. Interesting
tho' that their Jin Roh disc is a region 3 import as this title has been
available for several months in the US.

For me the issue of restricting imports has the problem that many Hong Kong
movie titles I am interested are available in US releases only redubbed
into English not subtitled. Lately I have noticed a few that are being
re-released with subtitles so that may be a diminishing problem.

Gilles Poitras
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