RE: why won't this video play?

Gilles Poitras (
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:19:10 -0700 (PDT)

> If (a) applies, you're basically in the situation of #1 above. Buy it, be
>glad you got it if it's unique, and use it as is. Get that VCR that'll play
>it if it's really important to you.

For the consumer this gets frustrating, my British friends regularly buy US
videos which they play on their NTSC decks or modified DVD players. Now
they have to buy these direct from retailers in the US as retailers in
their area cannot legally sell NTSC videos.

Apparently customs in the UK has no problems with letting such shipments
through after inspecting them for sexually explicit materials, which they
do block.

Among my friends purchases are the complete Monthy Python TV series on DVD,
it is not available in the country of origin and of course lots of anime.

If they want the latest Hollywood film they can get it there, but titles
not in the mainstream are very hard to obtain. As they are non-English
foreign film and animation fans this means most of what they own. Face it
in their case they live in a small country where many titles are not likely
to be available locally due to a very limited market.

One advantage they have is they can buy Japanese DVDs and play them on
regular players as Europe and Japan are both in region 2. Me I had to get a
modified player, just like NASA did for the International Space Station,
and one major US animation company who I advised on their purchase (the may
not want their name mentioned).

Gilles Poitras
Learning Studio, Exploratorium Museum