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Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:04:42 -0700 (PDT)

I completely agree. Thanks for getting that off my chest.

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Date: Friday, June 21, 2002 4:31 pm
Subject: Re: The beginning of the end?

> Dear dear dvdlibbers and fellow techno-Luddites,
> Marketing, marketing, MARKETING! It's all about the
> marketing. Oh, and the moolah behind the marketing
> too.
> New items come out in both VHS and DVD formats, but
> the DVD versions are available for purchase, ordering
> and shipment before the VHS ones. Now how can this be?
> Given that the industry has been manufacturing videos
> for years, but has only recently started making DVDs,
> this might seem strange. Could it be a simple
> marketing ploy to get the new technology purchase
> stats up, increase the sales of dvd players and dvds?
> "Gee, the kids really want to see Cinderella 5000, but
> it's only out in dvd. Well, I guess I better buy me a
> dvd player." Why are we so surprised when this kind of
> industry-imposed technological turnover happens. The
> vinyl to cd migration was not driven by public demand,
> it was a calculated scheme on the part of all those
> who would profit off the changeover. How many millions
> (billions?) are to be made by the mass replacement or
> supplementation of VCRs with DVD players, and the
> reissuing/second-format-purchasing of DVDs to replace
> videos?
> My library is located in an upscale town where
> people can certainly afford to buy DVD players if they
> so desire them. DVD rentals at my library have gone up
> somewhat since we introduced them, mostly amongst the
> Radio Shack crowd, but video rentals far, far
> outnumber them, and that's not just because there are
> so many more videos than DVDs in the collection. Most
> people have just been waiting around until it was
> deemed NECESSARY for everyone to buy a DVD player by,
> guess who, Blockbuster, SONY, Circuit City, and
> everyone else in the biz who stands to make wads of
> dough. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the
> words "Oh, it's on dvd? I thought it was a video. I
> don't want that, I don't have a dvd player. Could you
> cancel that hold and reserve the video version for me
> sweetie?" in the last few months. A relatively small
> percentage of audiophiles, digiophiles, whatever doth
> not a marketing trend make. Are we all gonna wonder
> what the heck happened when we're forced to plunk down
> $600 or more for digital TVs in the next few years?
> "Gee, I didn't see that one coming."
> And another thing, I don't know about anyone else
> out there, but our circulating cd selection is heavily
> defect ridden - scratch produced pops, skips, jumps,
> etc. No one has proven to me that dvds won't have the
> same defect problems as cds, perhaps more obviously
> and annoyingly than video viewing defects ever were.
> Will patrons stand for crappy dvd copies? What'll we
> do, order that many more dvd replacements? How can
> video rental palaces replace all their old videos with
> dvds if the dvds are not being produced? How will this
> effect availability of titles? Will we see X times as
> many queries on this list about where such-and-such a
> title can be found?
> Okay, I'm spewing. Sorry, just needed to get it off
> my chest. I guess it's like Jules Pfeiffer wrote in
> "BOOM" all those years ago, "That's how spearmint
> chews."
> Dying To See Those Extra Scenes On The DVD Of Ishtar,
> Jon A.
> P.S. - I just heard a rumor today that Blockbuster
> will start to totally phase out videos next month.
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