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Could Becky be referring to Ambrose Video that released educational
documentary DVD titles recently for the first time? We acquired an
excellent art series from them. Some of us video librarians out here do not
deal in commercial feature films but exclusively in ed. docs. I applaud
Ambrose for initially venturing into DVD. DVD will be a boon from a
storage space and mailing cost standpoint for us. Not to mention the
improved image quality.
However, is there some sort of chip technology that will make DVDs
become obsolete by next Wednesday?
No matter what, I would say stock up on VCRs (just as with record
turntables). VHS tape will hang tough for many years despite what the
corporations want us to do.

T. Nicholas
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Actually, I wondered about this when I saw a news item this winter in Video
Librarian - I think it was the online newsbriefs - that some company - I
want to say Acorn, but someone who does A&E type series - was releasing some
titles in DVD only. (this sounds so delightfully vague!)

Also, thank you to all who answered my question on ownership labeling for
DVDs. The general decision was - not to. Not my opinion, but someone kept
forcefully stating that "dvd's cost less than books, why are we doing
something for the 2% of the people who will steal. Ownership labels are
just another 1-2 steps for something that may not even cost $15." Grrrrr.

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